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Feel The First Reign of Creativity

Welcome Regal Family to Yuarah pronounced (Yar'-ray)! We offer 100% natural luxury designed with you in mind. Be inspired and enjoy our rich heritage today! Select inspiring wearable artwork in the form of hand-designed leather jewelry, beard oils, Shea butter blends, essentials & more. We are the creators of the  ORIGINAL Fresh Focus & Keep Khalm Collections.  Products made to energize and calm down. Stay Motivated & Inspired with 100% natural luxury products authentic and organic. You deserve the highest quality because You are  Living Art!

Urban Chic
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Keep Khalm Shea Butter

"Love this Shea Butter. I can't get over how nice it makes my skin feel. I purchased it originally because I loved the smell of it. I started applying it to my face at night as part of my nightly regimen and I absolutely love how soft it has my skin feeling not to mention the natural glow. I go days without wearing make-up now, just keeping it natural! I also love to use it on my feet, knees, and elbows because it is long-lasting! I will definitely be using more products, Thank You!"

Crystal E.


I love The Keep Khalm Collection products they not only smell good it actually works I feel totally calm when I use these products. I use them every day and every night I use the Magnesium spray with the Shea butter and it helps me relax and go right to sleep. I really love how the Shea butter is not hard it's so smooth and it actually last I will never use whipped Shea butter again!"

Keisha M.

Fresh Focus Beard Oil

"My beard is growing in thick, my skin feels good, in the morning when I put it on it wakes me up & keeps me focused like the name Fresh Focus it's apart of my daily routine."

Yosef N.

Fresh Focus Collection

"We are so grateful to have these products (Fresh Focus Collection) to use for my younger brother who lives with Autism. They are so natural we don't have to worry about any metals or toxins we use them every day."

Melah F.

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100% Real leather, Semi-precious stones, Pure Bronze, 14K Gold, & other precious metals. ALL authentic and high quality



100% Raw & natural oils, herbs, & Shea butter. NO Parabens, NO Propylene Glycol, NO Sulfates, & NO harmful fillers. Safe for everyone

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100% Handmade products from our hands and our hearts. Including All Accessories, Beard oils, Shea butter blends, & Essentials

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100% Inspired & Motivated to serve, Yuarah is committed to assisting various Autism organizations that help underserved communities

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