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 Regal Beauty, Encouragement, & Motivation

 Yuarah was born at the intersection of creativity, lifestyle, & necessity. We want to serve our world-wide regal family with natural indigenous, creative and beneficial merchandise.  We are breathing beautiful Living Artwork (Regal Beauty). Our priority is to appreciate & motivate with creative work from our hands and hearts. Our Keep Khalm &  Fresh Focus collections have been formulated to activate an olfactory response. Meaning the pleasant aromatics from our collections promote a mental state of tranquility and refreshing focus with the use of natural ingredients, oils & herbs (Encouragement). Yuarah's hand-designed leather accessories are timeless wearable artwork (Inspiration). We have a unique place in our hearts for families living with special loved ones with Autism. We give  5% percent of sales to organizations dedicated to encouraging families & friends living with Autism. We are a family-owned company and a huge part of our journey and motivation to start this business was to find solutions to help us to "Keep Khalm" with a "Fresh Focus" while caring for our child with special needs. We began educating ourselves on ingredients and the importance of using natural products for our child & the entire family (Motivation). Thanks to our 100% natural luxury collections, designs, your business, and our dedicated customer service, we have been excitingly successful. Browse through our site and check out the latest additions to our collections and feel free to get in touch with our team if you need any assistance. Happy shopping!

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